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Unconditional Love Evolution to Ascension-~Part 2

The Chakras: Path to Unconditional Lovepath to ascension

The first part of this article discusses what unconditional love is. As promised, journey through the chakras and discover the evolution to ascension.

Unconditional love begins with you. If you live a life calibrated to the higher octave vibrations, then unconditional love becomes as much a part of your life as breathing.

As I detail in my book, Chakra Mastery: 7 Keys to Discover Your Inner Wisdom, each chakra connects with an archetypal aspect of the Universal Energy Field. This range of frequencies offers the keys to self-actualization if tuned into the higher octave of vibrational energy.  Essentially, you need to resonate, or calibrate with Dr. Hawkins’s LOC at the 200 level or above.


He who looks outside dreams. He who looks inside awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

As you contemplate the path to unconditional love, consider the seven major chakras act as a team. Each one serves as a stepping stone on the path to unconditional love.  Each one tunes into qualities you need to ascend your consciousness. Imagine a choir, harmonizing in tune and rhythm, each one different yet all singing the same song. 

Root Chakra - Key = Self-awareness.

Oftentimes, I remind my clients that their purpose, as spiritual being on an Earth-walk, is to live fully in their human body. Do you feel you belong in your body?  Do you feel you belong in your life? Do you connect with a family, tribe or group? Are you present in your physical body? Do you pay attention to your physical body, your mental, emotional and spiritual body? Are your grounded in your purpose in this life? 

It’s important to develop awareness of your physical body and surroundings.  Whoever you are, embrace your physicality and celebrate you magnificent vessel of your consciousness.  To manifest a life of love, you need to feel “good” in your skin, which imparts a sense of well-being and “groundedness.” Remember, energy flows where your attention goes.  Paying attention to “you” brings you greater awareness.

Are you wrapped up in obsessions and fears to not be fully present?  The root chakra relates to your basic survival issues. When you live in the upper octave of the root chakra, you live a live free of fear. This keeps you out of the stress cycle of living in the fight or flight syndrome.  

When you are grounded in yourself and aware of your purpose, you have taken the first step towards living in the vibrational state of unconditional love.  This stability and strength provides a foundation for your spiritual growth.

Sacral - Key = Self-respect


In order to respect others, you need to respect yourself first. You are part of a community. How do you relate to others?  Do you trust others?

The sacral chakra is all about relationships with others. Before you can have a successful relationship with others, you need to be able to relate to yourself.  If you’ve embraced the higher octave energies of the root chakra, you are aware of your presence. You have connected with “you” so that you can connect with others.

Addictions of all types express the lower octave energies of the sacral chakra. Basically, additions thrive on alienation, shame and a disconnect from society.  Addictions die in the warmth of real connections and intimacy. These connections need to be authentic, without strings attached. When your relationships have these qualities, you resonate with the higher octave frequencies of the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is also the repository of your emotions.  Think about it—when are your buttons pushed the most? Probably in relating with other people. All emotions are energy “E” in motion (E-motions). Energy is neutral. How think about this energy shapes the energetic charge your emotion assumes.  Your thoughts emanate from the solar plexus chakra, the realm of your mental energies.

Solar Plexus – Key = Self-worth

The solar plexus chakra is all about your relationship with yourself. If you think you are worthy, then you are. How you think impacts your emotions. In any situation, if a feeling arises, do you give it a positive, growth-oriented spin? Do you continue to think about haw bad and horrible this feeling is? Do you ruminate this type of emotion?  

Often, the ego, associate with this third chakra, wants to keep chewing on emotions that do not support your magnificence. When your ego operates at the lower vibratory frequencies, it pronounces judgements on an event or feeling as “bad.” If you do something that is less than growth –oriented, the ego’s voice may whisper derogatory thoughts to you. It can be your worst inner-critic.

Yet, if you cultivate the higher octave frequencies of the solar plexus, the ego can be your ally in developing discernment.   The ego can be transformed into directing your “thought” process towards discernment.  When the ego plays the judgment game, it uses comparisons to deem an action/person/event as being less than or more than itself. Judgment implies conditions on whatever it touches.

Discernment, on the other hand, asks, “Is this action/person/event in the best interest of my highest good?  Will it promote my growth as a human being having a spiritual experience?” A higher octave ego realizes we are all different, we are all special and we are all beautiful—there is no reason to compare, only to celebrate that we are all unique and made of the same “stuff.”

Essentially, aligning with discernment centers your personal power. You become aligned with your cosmic personal path. The path to unconditional love lies in discernment as its antithesis, judgment, puts conditions on whatever it touches.

These first three chakras—root, sacral and solar plexus—are considered physical chakras as they support your ability to manifest and function on the three-dimensional, or third density, plane. As I detail in my book, the heart chakra is the crucible—the merging point—between the physical chakras and the spiritual chakras—the throat, third eye and crown. The heart chakra is the culmination of the third-density expression of unconditional love.

Heart – Key = Self-love

So often, when I coach a client with the Aura and Chakra Imaging system, I encounter an individual with “big heart” chakra energy. Yet, this energy is overextended, i.e. “blown out.” Why? This person wants to love and be loved, doing all they can for those in their world. In their quest to love and help “everyone” in their realm, they neglect to set boundaries and “love” themselves.

First and foremost, to actualize the higher octaves of your heart chakra, you need to love yourself—unconditionally.  In order to help, support and love others, you have to love and respect (sacral chakra) yourself first.  Essentially, you can’t give what you don’t have.

Selflessness, balance, compassion and acceptance begin with first loving yourself unconditionally.

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete. ~ Buddha

The next segment explores evolving unconditional love through the spiritual chakras—the path to ascension. 

Posted Dec 5, 2015   

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