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Reviews for Think It->Say It->Be It

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Thank you to those who sent me their reviews and comments. Here are two I received:

Thank-you so much for your cute little book full of awesome life information.
You have put the logic and common sense back into our vocabulary.
I especially like the chapter KICK THE BUT RIGHT OUT OF YOUR LANGUAGE.
I found once that I was conscious of these vocabulary killers it made me
actually 'listen' to myself and others. Whenever I hear a BUT I ask for more
clarification. Powerful tool in really getting to the heart of understanding.
Your PLAYERCISES were practical and easy to do. So next time I need energy
I'll be standing in the jungle thumping my chest and sounding like Tarzan!
Thank-you again Dear Friend,

Cindy Sawyer


This handy sized book will help you change your way of thinking so that you can proceed with confidence into a more fruitful life.

You can change your attitude by simply reading and enjoying the fun "Playercises,"

The book does not "talk down" to you, but instead, helps you to use your intelligence to alter your mind to live a better life of achievement. Enjoy! Five stars!

Sandy Boogertman

Posted May 18, 2014   

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