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“I Dream Great Dreams and Manifest Them as Creations of Myself.”

Chakra Wisdom Solar Plexus/Throat/3rd Eye ChakrasWhen first assembling the gemstones for a Chakra Wisdom necklace, I randomly pick a Voyager Tarot card. (I like to call the Voyager deck my "inner-tuition" guide!) This helps me focus on and tune into the energy signature for the correspondences between the gemstones and the Chakras.

With the Fluorite and Turquoise Magnesite gemstones in front of me, I pulled the 10 of Crystals, which is titled “Delusion.”  Delusion?  Was I being delusional here?

I opened my book, Voyager Tarot Way of the Great Oracle, to read the meaning behind the10 of Crystals.  After a few sentences, I had one of those “AHA” moments ~ the Universe, in its wisdom, showed its synchronicity to me once again.  As I have heard James Wanless, author and creator of Voyager Tarot, frequently say, “You can’t make this stuff up, folks!”

The energy of Fluorite connects the intuition of the Brow/3rd eye chakra with the awareness of self that resides in the solar plexus chakra. One of fluorite’s properties is that it breaks up unwanted energies, paving the way for the seeds of positive intentions to be sown.  This gemstone actively counters depression and disillusionment.

AHA – disillusionment - An opening of one’s eyes to see things as they really are, to enlighten.

The 10 of Crystals, Delusion = self-deception, illusion, vision.

From page 265 of Voyager Tarot Way of the Great Oracle: “Every vision is a delusion until manifested on the physical level of reality.”

Everything in life starts as a vision, perhaps as an illusion of our imagination.  In Eastern philosophies, our finite existence is considered to be an illusion, or “maya.”  This veil of illusion prevents us from directly comprehending the presence of the Divine both within us and the Universe.  Enlightenment is attained when we reach a state of consciousness that sees beyond the veil, the illusion, or delusion, of maya.

Our energetic awareness of self, the ego, emanates from the vibration of the Solar Plexus Chakra.  If we live entirely in the world of the ego, we limit our world to a finite existence, the world of maya. The ego world can be an energy trap, so we need to break up this energy and become self-actualized in the process.

Our gifts of insight from the Divine resonate with the Brow, or 3rd Eye Chakra.  The 3rd Eye Chakra is our pipeline to that state of consciousness that goes beyond the illusion.  This seat of our intuition, our inner-tuition, or inner-teacher, takes us beyond the self-deception of the ego-world.  The 3rd Eye is the source of our inner visions – visions of a world that we can create.

When we connect the awareness of self and the wisdom of our inner teacher, our intuition, we have the perfect marriage to grow beyond the world of illusion and manifest the vision of our authentic self.

So, the insight from the 10 of Crystals, Delusion, appeared to be shining through my Chakra Wisdom creation.  Our visions, our “delusions”, can manifest in reality only if we can go beyond unwanted energies, go beyond the limitations of ego, so that we are able to “see” things as they really are.  This conscious awareness empowers us to access the source of all creation.

The energy of the Fluorite is enhanced by Turquoise Magnesite, which facilitates our interaction with and sensitivities to all that is natural.  Additionally, it aids in communication with nature spirits and the Higher Self.  When we express our creation with clarity, it truly takes form in this world as we are sharing our gifts with others.

The Universe and I had come together in this Chakra Wisdom gemstone creation ~ “I dream great dreams and manifest them as creations of myself.”  Yes, I am “delusional,” and I thank the Universe for that.


Chakra Wisdom Necklace 27

Fluorite/Turquoise Magnesite/gold

Solar Plexus/Throat/3rd Eye Chakras

Mantra:  “I dream great dreams and manifest them as creations of myself.”

Voyager Tarot – 10 Crystals ~ Delusion

Approximately 22 ½” in length

Posted Jun 1, 2011   

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