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2015 Spring/Summer Classes in South Puget Sound Washington Area

Our Spring/Summer Class schedule is here!  If you are in the Seattle or South Puget Sound Washington area, here is you opportunity to discover and to experience your Aura and Chakras!

Learn more about your energy system and what "works" for you in our Introduction to the Aura and Chakras:  7 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Blueprint.

Do you see auras and are curious about what you do see? Do you want to learn how to "see" the energy field that surrounds each one of us? Then come to our How to See Auras - One day experientail class.

All classes are on Saturdays, 10 AM to 6 PM.

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Happy New Year!

Think It Say It Be It ChakracoachMany of you at this time of year resolve to make changes in your life. How many resolutions from a year ago did you manifest into your life today? Are your affirmations taking you in a direction where you want to go? When you work with energy, are you achieving your desired results?

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Check In With Your Chakras

I receive questions from my website readers about the human energy system - the Chakras. This week, I found the following message in my inbox:

Check in with your chakras

"Hi there, I’d like to know if you do hypnosis to help the solar plexus as i have many problems in that area; affecting my stomach and having a 2 year chronic headache - please let me know if you can help."

How many of you have felt that a specific energy, i.e. one Chakra, was responsible for what ails you?

I responded with the following suggestions and offered the "Check In with Your Chakras" exercise.

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Aura & Chakra Imaging Featured at the IHF Conference 2011-2012

We've just finished another amazing long weekend at the Internation Hypnosis Federation (IHF) It's All About You Re-Treat in San Pedro, CA.  The Aura and Chakra Imaging was, once again, very well received!  Here is a video from last year's (2011) IHF Conference that provides a glimpse of us at the conference:

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Hypnosis is Everything – or How to Levitate a 5 year old

Kennedy at the Vancouver Aquarium entranceMy hypnosis mentor, Shelley Stockwell Nicholas, tells us that hypnosis is everything!  If hypnosis is everything, then it must be useful for solving major life threatening crises as well as every day inconveniences.

Last weekend, our older son was moving his family to a new home.  He asked us to “ride herd” on our granddaughter, Kennedy, age 5 & our 1 ½ year old grandson, Riker, while their parents packed the moving van.  Since rain was in the day’s forecast, we planned an outing to the Vancouver Aquarium.

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Hypnosis: Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket

Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your PocketWhen studying for my DCH (Doctor Clinical Hypnotherapy) degree, I read over 50 different books on hypnosis and related topics.  Some I had to read to pass my course  - others I  found became treasured companions!  Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket by Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD,  has become one of  these treasured companions.  I am reviewing Dr. Shelley's updated  book, originally published in 1998.

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