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Favorite Links for Developing Your Inner Wisdom


Check out some of our favorite links - inspirational, educational, and spiritual!  We endorse these and have experienced their benefits.


All Things Healing   I am a co-editor for Energy Medicine for If you have an article or video to share with the Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine commumity, please contact me.


  • Voyager Tarot DeckThis is where I go when I feel stuck and need a perspective on what my challenge is. James Wanless PhD is one of my mentors. Check out his original Voyager Tarot and Sustain Yourself Cards.

His Intuition@Work book is one of the most insightful and pratical books on tapping into your inner knowing.

Visit James Wanless Website



♥ The Reiki Center Torrance, CA "A Heavenly Place to Heal!"

  • Check out this awesome video about the Reiki Center. Learn more about what Reiki can do for you and what a Reiki treatment is like.



♥ Grace Ho - Feng Shui



♥ The Ultimate Book Coach Series

  • Interested in resources for writing your book? Check out these resources from Kristen Erickson

FREE GIFT: Jumpstart My Book Free Survey

DIGITAL COURSE: Self-Publish on Demand

EBOOK: Entire Author's Quick Guide Series

♥ For all aspiring writers and authors, I highly recomment connecting with Christine Kloser and her Transformational Author Experience Program

Transformational Author Program

♥ Energy Profiling - Discover Your Energy Profile with Carol Tuttle

My Energy Profile

♥ Ladies - are you tired of having your strings pulled by the dictates of the fashion industry?

♣ Learn about the seven myths the  fashion  industry perpetrates to make sales!

♦Discover Your Inner Beauty with Dressing Your Truth

Dressing Your Truth





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