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Cosmic Contacts Interview with Pam and Carolyn

Carolyn White PhD was a guest on the Cosmic Contacts Show Monday October 12th, 2015. Get ready to listen to the recording of this interesting and enlightening show as we take this Cosmic Journey. Carolyn talks about the 7 major chakras and our human energy system, answering questions about the aura and balancing energy.

Pam's  Special Guest is Carolyn White a 'Chakra Life Coach' certified Aura Video Station Consultant. Carolyn is the author of Think It- Say It- Be It: Use Your Words to Change Your Life and Chakra Mastery: 7 Keys to Discover Your Inner Wisdom. Carolyn is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, NLP programming, Timeline Therapy and Color Therapy.

Carolyn's play shops on Aura's and Chakra's focus on empowering the individual to discover their inner wisdom while learning about their human energy system.

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Posted Oct 18, 2015   

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