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Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise~ Book and Journal Celebration

Color Me Healthy Wealthy and WiseJoin me in celebrating the completion of my third book  - Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise  and its companion journal - My Journal Adventures with Colors and Crystals.

Until April 30th purchase each book through my CreateSpace Bookstore and enjoy a 15% discount. As a companion to Chakra Mastery, Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise provides the basics

My Journal Adventures

for working with colors and crystals in your Human Energy System - your aura and chakras. 

Want to transform your life and not sure where to start? Do you feel at ease in certain places and uncomfortable in others? Are you stuck in your path to wellness? As a spiritual seeker, are you blocked from attaining a higher vibe?

Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise helps you escape that "energetic rut" through the applied knowledge of color and crystals. Using the profound and practical tools in this full color book, you will be empowered to transform your life.

My Journal Adventures with Colors and Crystals serves as a companion journal, providing a safe space for chronicling your experiences with colors and crystals.

To receive your special discount, enter code GFS85AL9 for each book at checkout. 

Code valid through April 30, 2016.

Thank you!

Posted Apr 7, 2016   

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