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Understanding Your Life Cycles

Understanding Your Life Cycles – Past Lives, Karma, and Multiple Incarnations:  the Esoteric Interpretation of the Astrology Chart as a Matrix for Manifesting Your Life’s Lesson Plan

copyright 2007 by Carolyn White, PhD.

Everything and anything that you ever wanted to know about esoterica!  A grand tour of  what underlies our myths and magic!

The question of life and death is one of the greatest questions that face humankind.  When our physical bodies perish, what remains?  If there is an aspect of "us" that remains, what determines the form that this aspect assumes?  This book examines the esoteric aspects of astrology and how our natal birth chart provides the matrix for our life's lesson plan.

In order to have a discussion of how the astrology chart represents a matrix for our current life, I present an understanding of life between lives, reincarnation, and karma.  As well, I examine the roots and development of astrology. To understand the language of esoteric astrology, I explore the symbolism used to interpret the birth chart and the archetypes that serve as the building blocks of our life.  Within this language, there is a basic syntax to the elements of the birth chart:  planets, signs, element, and houses.  I  examine this language in the context of interrelated esoteric traditions of the Hermetic philosophy, the Tarot and the Qabalah.  297 pages.

Understanding Your Lifecycles is available in pdf  format or soft cover edition.  Kindle reader to follow.

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List of Figures. iv

Acknowledgements. vi

Preface. vii

Chapter One

Death - The End . . . or The Beginning?. 1

Perceptions of Death and Life 3

Truth is in the Mind of the Beholder 5

Where Do We Go When We Die?. 7

Perceptions Manifest Projections 13

The Tibetan Bardos 14

Life Before Life?. 18

Transitions 22

Chapter Two

Reincarnation. 26

Karma. 32

The Soul 34

The Oversoul 36

Chapter Three

What is Astrology?. 39

The Beginnings of Astrology - It's About Time 42

The Mathematics of Prediction. 50

Influence of Ancient Greece 51

Alexander's Legacy 55

Chapter Four

Thoth and Hermes 61

Thrice Great Hermes 65

The Language of Symbolim, Myth, and Archetypes 68

The Archetypes 69

Chapter Five

Hermetic Wisdom. 75

The Seven Principles of Hermetic Wisdom. 76

Mentalism.. 76

Correspondence. 78

Vibration. 81

Polarity. 85

Rhythm.. 87

Cause and Effect 88

Gender 89

Chapter Six

Esoteric Premise of Astrology. 92

The Journey of Hermetic Wisdom through Time 93

The Influence from the East 97

Going Underground - The Suppression of Esoteric Though. 103

The Renaissance 109

Chapter Seven

The Tarot. 116

The Qabalah. 118

The Ten Sephiroth. 121

The Four Worlds 127

Organization of the Tarot. 129

The Organization of the Twenty-two Cards 130

Chapter Eight

The Nature of the Astrology Chart. 135

Overview of the Planets 137

Overview of the Signs 138

The Four Elements 140

Lessons from the Qabalah. 142

Synopsis of the Four Elements

Air 144

Fire. 147

Water 149

Earth. 151

Integration of the Elements 151

The Three Qualities 153

The Symbolism of Twelve 154

Chapter Nine

The Alchemy of the Planetary Symbols 157

Planets of Formation and Creation. 162

Saturn. 162

Jupiter 168

Chapter Ten

Planets of Personality. 174

Mars 174

Sun. 179

Venus 183

Mercury 187

Moon. 191

Chapter Eleven

The Signs of the Zodiac. 196

Aries 196

Taurus 199

Gemini 202

Cancer 205

Leo. 208

Virgo. 212

Libra. 215

Scorpio. 218

Sagittarius 221

Capricorn. 223

Aquarius 226

Pisces 228

Chapter Twelve

The Houses 231

Interpretation of the Houses 234

Below the Horizon - The Personal Houses 235

The First House 235

The Second House 237

The Third House 239

The Fourth House 242

The Fifth House 244

The Sixth House 245

Chapter Thirteen

Above the Horizon - The Public Houses 250

The Seventh House 250

The Eighth House 252

The Ninth House 254

The Tenth House 257

The Eleventh House 259

The Twelfth House 264

Chapter Fourteen

Conclusion. 270

Bibliography. 272

Appendix A - Table of the Four Worlds of the Qabalah. 276

Appendix B - the Twelve Steps of Alchemy Leading to the Philosopher's Stone. 277

Appendix C - Table of Astrological Signs and their Alchemical Operations. 283



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