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“Working in a field of spirituality for many years I learned a lot of different modalities and their applications, but one thing I could never completely comprehend was the color of my Aura. There are people that see Aura colors and can tell you what color they see around you, but being an earthy Capricorn I wanted to see for myself, seeing is believing after all. I was lucky to meet two most wonderful people, Carolyn and Gerry. Not only did they show the color of my Aura to me but they also explained in detail the meaning behind it. This helped me tremendously to see what areas needed I needed to work on. The Aura and Chakra imaging is one of the most helpful tools available and a must for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of oneself. Thank you to Carolyn and Gerry for offering this amazing tool of knowledge and sharing it with the world.”

Nina Rezhets CHT



Thanks for the fantastic imaging you did for me at the IHF conference! :-) Liz Musil


Carolyn, Enjoyed being in class with ya! Thanks for the great aura reading. I look forward to next years.  Brenda Rhodes


Hey Carolyn! It was so nice to see you again at the IHF Conference.  As always, I loved my aura photo – thanks so much for sharing your talents. Can't wait to see what color I am next year. Vicky Schroeder


Hi, Thanks for the marvelous reading I had with you at the IHF convention  - Jane Lake


Anytime you are in this area, let me know.  The aura readings were fun – I would be glad to host again!  Lucia Johnson, Reiki Master and Owner of the Reiki Center, Redondo Beach, CA




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