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Purchase a Unique Chakra Wisdom Gemstone Creation


Each custom crafted Chakra Wisdom Gemstone necklace includes:

  • Focus for your Chakra energies
  • Positive affirmation
  • List of gemstones/materials used
  • Voyager Tarot energy signature

All of the necklaces are strung with strong, flexible beading wire.  I've made the clasps easy to fasten - some are magnetic.  I've worn & tested the style of magnetic clasps that I use and can attest to their staying power.  If you ever have problems with the clasps, please return to us with a self addressed, postage paid envelop and we will repair at no additional cost to you.

Most designs are suitable for both women and men.  Lengths are given for each necklace.

You can purchase your Unique Chakra Wisdom Gemstone necklace through Esty or through our website.

Custom energy signature designs available on request.  Please Contact for quote and your desired energy signature.

Please click on the first line of the gemstone descriptions for pictures of each necklace.  To enlarge the picture, place cursor over picture and left click.  Click on the enlarged picture again to return to page.  To purchase the Chakra Wisdom necklace pictured, please click on the "BUY NOW" button.  This will take you to our PayPal secure checkout page.

All prices are in US dollars.  Your PayPal payment is made to "Airstream355 at gmail dot com."

Rose Quartz/Amethyst/Silver (1)   (SOLD)                                                                          

Heart/Crown Chakras

I bathe myself in the wisdom of Love

Voyager Tarot:  Guardian – Woman of Crystals


Garnet/Peridot/Rose Quartz/Silver (2)

Root/Heart Chakras

My Guardian Angels connect me to the Universe of possibilities

Voyager Tarot:  XXI - Universe


Clear Quartz/Garnet/Carnelian/Citrine/Peridot/ Sodalite/Purple Fluorite (3)

Root/Sacral/Solar Plexus/Heart/3rd Eye/Crown

I dance, create, play and express myself with Love

Voyager Tarot:  Woman of Worlds - Preserver


Citrine/Turquoise Magnesite/Mahogany Obsidian

Root/Solar Plexus/Throat Chakras (4)

“I honor my feelings and express them with clarity.”

Voyager Tarot:  Feeler – Child of Cups


Garnet/Citrine/Rose Quartz/Peridot/Amethyst

Root/Solar Plexus/Heart/Crown Chakras (5)

My higher self illuminates my sense of self-worth.”

Voyager Tarot:  Learner – Child of Crystals


Clear Quartz/Citrine/Carnelian/Peridot (6)

Sacral/Solar Plexus/Heart/Crown Chakras

I Love, Laugh and Play.”

Voyager Tarot:  Inventor – Man of Crystals


Citrine/Mahogany Obsidian/Gold (7)

Root/Solar Plexus Chakras

I Dream, I Create!”

Voyager Tarot:  3 of Crystals – Creation



Root/Sacral/Solar Plexus/Heart/3rd Eye/Crown Chakras

I gain a perspective of my self through reflecting and contemplating the wisdom of my internal rainbow.”

Voyager Tarot:  2 of Worlds – Reflection


Sodalite/Gold (9)

Heart /Third Eye Chakras

I connect with my ‘inner tuition’ for clarity of purpose.”

Voyager Tarot:  Ace Crystals – Brilliance and XI – Strength (double one’s)

Heishi Shell/Leopard Skin Jasper/Obsidian/Turquoise Magnesite/Carnelian/Citrine/Copper (10)

Root (grounding)/sacral/solar plexus/throat chakras

I sing my great dream in the symphony of life.”

Voyager Tarot:  6 Worlds - Synergy


Citrine/Antique brass (11) (SOLD)

Solar Plexus Chakra

I release that which no longer serves my higher purpose – I am my own authority and live my life’s purpose.”

Voyager Tarot:  4 of Worlds – Commencement


Garnet/Gold (12)

Root/Crown Chakras

“My spirit is fully present in my body allowing my to focus on my goals.  I walk life’s path with determination.”

Voyager Tarot:  9 Crystals – Narrowness


Amethyst/Garnet/Gold (13)

Root/Crown Chakras

I embrace and manifest the passion of my spirit.”

Voyager Tarot:  Ace of Wands – Illumination


Watermelon Tourmaline/Rose Quartz/Garnet/Peridot/Moonstone/Gold

Root/Heart/3rd Eye/Crown Chakras (14)

I create a safe space for opening my heart.”

Voyager Tarot:  8 of Crystals – Synthesis


Watermelon Tourmaline/Rose Quartz/Garnet/Peridot/Gold

Root/Heart/3rd Eye Chakras (15)

I open my heart in a safe and nurturing environment where I can make myself whole.”

Voyager Tarot:  8 of Crystals – Synthesis and Sage of Wands – Seer



Root/Heart/Crown Chakras (16)

Prosperity comes with clarity and focus.”

Voyager Tarot:  Woman of Crystals – Guardian



Solar Plexus /Heart/Crown Chakras (17)

My self-awareness comes with clarity as I balance my yin and yang energies.”

Voyager Tarot:  8 of Crystals – Synthesis


Rainbow Moonstone/Carnelian/Sodalite/Clear Quartz/Fluorite

Sacral/3rd Eye Chakras (18)

I express my creativity with purpose.”

Voyager Tarot:  The Magician


Rainbow Fluorite/Amethyst/ Gold

Solar Plexus/Crown Chakras (19)

I easily transform patterns so I can express my true nature.  My higher self illuminates my personality.”

Voyager tarot:  Seer~ Sage of Wands


Rainbow Fluorite/Citrine/ Gold (SOLD)

Solar Plexus/Crown Chakras (20)

I find my life’s direction through my higher self.  I play and have fun with life.”

Voyager Tarot:  Child of Worlds – Player


Peridot/Copper (21)

Heart Chakra

My heart honors my spirit.”

Voyager Tarot:  9 of Wands – Integrity


Leopard Skin Jasper/Copper (22)

Root/Heart Chakras

I empower myself to manifest my dreams.”

Voyager Tarot:  Nine of Worlds - Harvest


Sodalite/Clear Quartz/Copper (23)

Heart/Third Eye/Crown Chakras

My spirit’s wisdom flows from my heart

Voyager Tarot:  Seeker - Child of Wands


Carnelian/Rainbow Moonstone/Sodalite/Clear Quartz/Silver (24)

Sacral/3rd Eye/Crown Chakras

My inner-tuition expresses through all my creations.”

Voyager Tarot:  Actor – Man of Wands


Leopard Jasper/Carnelian/Turquoise/Copper

Root (grounding)/Sacral/Heart/Throat Chakras – (25)

I trust in the process of the Universe.”

Voyager Tarot:  0 – Fool Child


Leopard Jasper/Carnelian/Turquoise/Copper

Root (grounding)/Sacral/Heart/Throat Chakras – (26)  (SOLD)

I trust in the process of the Universe.”

Voyager Tarot:  0 – Fool Child


Fluorite/Turquoise Magnesite/gold (27)

Solar Plexus/Throat/3rd Eye Chakras

“I dream great dreams and manifest them as creations of myself.”

Voyager Tarot – 10 Crystals ~ Delusion

Carnelian/Turquoise Magnesite/Copper (28)

Sacral/Heart/Throat Chakras

"My Inner alignment assists me to creatively meet everyday challenges"

Voyager Tarot - Man of Wands - Actor


Mahogany Obsidian/Citrine/Turquoise Magnesite/gold (29)

Root/Solar Plexus/Throat Chakras

"My creative expression is grounded in my passion."

Voyager Tarot - X - Fortune

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