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Introduction to Aura and Chakra Imaging - 7 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Blueprint

Introduction to The Aura &  Chakras :  7 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Blueprint

In our one day class, you learn about:

- The Aura and Charkas as defined throughout ancient and modern history

- The UEF (Universal Energy Field)

- The HEF (Human Energy Field)

- How the HEF interacts with the UEF

- How the HEF is disbursed throughout the Physical body

- Details on each of the seven major Chakras including attributes, function, color, frequency range, Sanskrit name, symbol and meditative sound

- How emotional and physical disorders can affect the Chakras and disrupt energy flow

- Positive support, education, and suggestions on methods to balance the energy system


We Discuss the effect on the energy and physical bodies of different modalities such as:
- Hypnosis / Self Hypnosis

- Yogic breathing techniques

- Color / color therapy

- Reflexology

- Sound therapy

- Toning

- Crystal Therapy

- Mudras (hand positions)

- Energy therapies such as EFT, QT, Reiki

- Aromatherapy

- Body Movement Therapies (Qigong Yoga, Tai Chi)

- AIM (Affirmations in Motion)

We will be using the Aura Photography and Chakra Imaging System to help us study and become aware of the aura.

Bonus – in each class, every student receives an individual Aura Photo and Chakra Image, a $44 value.


Investment - $97.00

Intro to Aura & Chakra -Full P




 $25 deposit ~ $75.00 due at class time

Intro Aura & Chakra-deposit

Please Note: All depsoits/payments are transferrable only for classes or sevices. Thank you!

2015 Schedule - Lacey/Olympia WA

April 25 2015

June 27 2015

Aug 22 2015

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A light vegetarian lunch is served during the class. 

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