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Why Inner Wisdom Hypnosis?

"We are all spirits of light and beauty on this planet, having a human experience . . ."

Often, in this world, we lose sight of this, especially if we succumb to the constant bombardment of external influences. The media attempts to sway us to “buy this”, “believe that”, “trust them” or “think this”, by manipulating with techniques that employ guilt and fear. Next time that you watch anyone bent on influencing you to do something, stop and listen to their strategies - how or what are they doing to “motivate” you? When we make a decision about anything, is it truly “ours?”

As well, our modern society presents challenges to our mind as well as our body. Science and technology have given us some wonderful gifts that allow us to better understand the workings of our universe, both on cosmic and quantum levels. We’ve developed the know-how to manufacture every gadget you can imagine - from automobiles, jet planes to computers that enable us to talk to the rest of the world.

Yet, the byproducts of these technologies litter our very atmosphere with electromagnetic energy, broadcast by cell phones, computer screens, WIFI signals, microwaves, radio and TV waves, and satellite signals. Think about it - a hundred years ago, our ancestors didn’t live in a sea of high frequency communications. Imagine yourself today as being equipped to “translate” all of the carrier waves that are just in your immediate area. You would probably suffer from sensory overload!

Our Body is our Spirit’s temple - without it, there would be no human experience! We may lament that our body doesn’t come with an owner’s manual; however, in truth, our body is a storehouse of information, constantly communicating with us. If we learn how to pay attention to our body (and not an advertisement!) it will always tell us what it really needs.

In your visits to a grocery store, do you unconsciously toss a box of cereal into your cart, motivated by a subliminal message? Do you stop to read the ingredient labels? Where is the food produced & under what circumstances? Do you separate the hype from the substance? Is what you are consuming – both physically and spiritually - eating away at your health?

So, where do we turn, what can we do to counter a seeming “war” to suppress the spirit and assault the body and mind?

"Know Thyself . . . . " (and have fun while doing so!)

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