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Hypnosis: Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket

Reviewed by Carolyn White PhD DCH

Stockwell-Nicholas, Shelley Lessin, Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA: Creativity Unlimited Press, 2009.

In my journey of learning about our human mind and consciousness, I have experienced many teachers. The most fun and enjoyment that I have had is in Shelley Stockwell Nicholas’ hypnosis certification class. We laugh, love, and, at the end of the day, I am astounded at how much wiser I am! Dr. Shelley has a no holds barred approach to sharing her experience, knowledge and insights regarding hypnosis while honoring each student’s inner wisdom. Great teachers share their knowledge; fantastic teachers, like Dr. Shelley, instill their students with the confidence that they, too, can DO IT!

If you are unable to experience Dr. Shelley first hand, her newly revised book, Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket is the next best thing. Her writing style is engaging and congruent with her teachings. In her entertaining way, she guides the reader through the art, science, and business of hypnosis with great clarity. I am amazed at how much practical information is packed into this well organized book. Shelley presents many “user friendly” techniques for accessing the “wise one” that is within us all.

I recommend Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket to anyone wanting the explore the potential of the mind & consciousness:

For the beginning hypnosis student, this book is a great blueprint for learning and practicing the art of hypnosis;

For those practicing or teaching hypnotherapy, this is a fantastic reference book with many creative & stimulating ideas.

The motto of the International Hypnosis Federation is “Changing the World One Person at a Time!” When you read Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket, you will transform the world and yourself along the way (and enjoy the journey)!

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