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Hypnosis Certification Course Level I

Why become a Certified Hypnotist?

Have you ever wanted to access the infinite power of the mind?  Help others transform their life using natural methods?  Understand the connection between body, mind, and spirit?

Whether you are already a licensed professional in the healing industry, a Holistic Health professional, teacher, coach or a person who is looking for a brilliant new career in a helping profession, Hypnosis is the answer!

Many studies have confirmed that a person's thoughts influence their healing process.  Since ancient times people have utilized meditation, prayer, active visualization and positive affirmations to improve their lives.  All of these methods share the basic premise of Hypnosis.

In the 1950's, Hypnosis was accepted by both the American and British Medical Association as a "healing art."  Holistic practicioners, doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, coaches, artists and anyone interested in the  power of the mind can easily learn hypnosis.   The benefits and rewards of becoming a Certified Hypnotist are as infinite as the human mind!

You can learn about hypnosis from a self-help book or by watching You Tube.  However, if you are a serious student looking for professional certification,then there is no substitute for a  professional hands-on certified hypnosis course.

What is Professional Certification?

Certification affirms specialized skill-sets, knowledge and experience for practitioners in a particular field, their employers, and the public at large.  Certification represents a declaration of a particular individual’s professional competence.  Certification enhances employability and career advancement of the individual practitioner or employee.

The benefits of certification include:

  • Learning a skill from a highly trained, knowledgeable instructor
  • Higher wages for employees in bonuses, education assistance or higher salary;
  • A more productive and highly trained workforce for employers;
  • Prestige along with a competitive advantage over non-certified individuals;
  • Enhanced employment opportunities;
  • Assisting employers in making more informed hiring decisions;
  • Assisting consumers in making informed decisions about qualified providers;
  • Protection of the public from incompetent practitioners;
  • Establishment of a professional standard for individuals in a particular field.

As a certified International Hypnosis Federation (IHF) instructor (CHI), my Professional Certification program is based on best practices and recognized processes and procedures developed for a Certified Hypnotist (CHt).  As part of your certification, you receive your first year’s membership in the IHF.  Our member-based organization enhances professional excellence and ensures the competency of our professional members.

Your Certified Hypnotist course consists of 50 hours of classroom training, plus outside reading and assignments.  All classes are student driven, which ensures that you learn the basics of hypnosis and how to apply to your personal focus.


In your Certified Hypnotist course, you learn:

  • Background and History of Hypnosis
  • What is hypnosis and how to recognize the trance state
  • Structure of a Hypnosis Session
  • Writing Hypnosis Scripts
  • The Art of the Intake
  • Effective Communicating – How to Establish rapport
  • Laws of the Mind
  • Rapid Inductions and deepening methods
  • Legal and Ethical requirements
  • How to avoid common mistakes hypnotists make
  • Marketing your business as a hypnotist
  • And much, much more!

At the completion of your Certified Hypnotist course you will know how to assist anyone to:

  • lose weight
  • quit smoking
  • overcome unwanted habits
  • overcome stage fright
  • stop fingernail biting
  • enhance sports performance
  • study for exams
  • tranform stress and tension into peace and calm
  • release inappropriate cravings and much, much more! 


All class sizes are limited to 10 participants to ensure personal instruction.  All classes engage you, the student, in hands-on practice.

Investment $544.00

Your Course Includes:

  • 50 hours of expert classroom training
  • Textbook
  • Recordings of sessions
  • Relevant Handouts
  • 1 Year membership in the International Hypnosis Federation (new members only)
  • Certificate of Completion


Please contact for class times.


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