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Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise


Just Released! Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise~Transform Your Life with Colors & Crystals

Available through Create Space Bookstore

My Journal Adventures with Colors and Crystals 

My Journal Adventures with Colors and Crystals ~ the companion journal for Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise is availabe through Create Space Bookstore.









Companion Journals to Chakra Mastery

Chakra Mastery: 7 Keys to Discover Your Inner Wisdom

Check-In with My Chakras Journal

Manifesting Me: My Root Chakra Journal

Sacred Sweetness: My Sacral Chakra Journal

Inner Light: My Solar Plexus Journal

Compassionate Soul: My Heart Chakra Journal

Authentic Vocie: My Throat Chakra Journal

Intuitive Wisdom: My Third Eye Chakra Journal

Conscious Spirit: My Crown Chakra Journal


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