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Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Color Me Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

If you have ever had an aura photograph and chakra image with us, you have experienced the contribution color makes to the overall look of our energy field.  Each one of us has a unique color vibration that resonates with specific energetic signatures.

Color and life are inseparable.  From the time of our birth, and maybe even before, color is part of the very essence of our lives.   It is simply not possible to be unresponsive to color.

Color therapy is probably the most accessible energy therapy and one of the least understood.  From our clothes, our décor, and our cars, we are constantly surrounded by color and often make choices in life based on color.

Color has a practical bearing on our personal relationships; it affects the home environment, and that of our workspaces and healing places.   Even the color of your clothes is your personal calling-card. Colour influences everything in our environment – what we eat, drink, touch and experience.

Color Me Healthy, Wealthy and Wise expands on the color section of the course – Aura and Chakra Imaging ~ 7 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Blueprint.

In Color Me Healthy, Wealthy and Wise you learn about:

  • The Language and Meaning of Colors
  • History of Color and its uses
  • The psychology of colors
  • Color Theory
  • Light and color vs pigments and color
  • Color Properties and signatures
  • Color Therapy
  • Color Correspondences
  • Color, Chakras and Crystals
  • Color in everyday life
  • Color meditations and breathing

After 16 hours of instruction, you will know how to:

  • Discover your own nature and what color is appropriate to enhance it.
  • Use Color for therapeutic effect on a personal and emotional level
  • Use Color for increased energy
  • Recharge yourself with Color
  • Improve concentration and mental mastery with color
  • Harness the powers of Color for relaxation and healing
  • Use Color to bring abundance to your life

Lots of handouts, and fun exercises!

Bonus!  Aura Photo and Chakra Image at the beginning of class - $46 value

Investment for 16 hour course:  $244.00

For course times and location, please contact us.

Your instructor:  Carolyn White PhD.  I love color!  Color has been a part of my life since before I was born.  My mother, Joy Long, is an award-winning artist  (visit her website).  Color and art come naturally to my lineage, as my mother is related to world-renowned artist Hans Hofmann, noted for his love of color as a focus of composition.

I have studied color therapy with Rene Brodie and attained level 3 in her International Color Therapy course, as well as studying color and art at Emily Carr College in Vancouver, B.C.  I have also studied color pencil with Bet Borgeson and have created my own line of Chakra Wisdom necklaces, which embody the principles of color and color energy healing.



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