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At some level, we all have the capability of manifesting all aspects of our life through the power of our thoughts. However, this 3-D life throws enough challenges in our way that we “forget” that we have this innate ability.

The Chakra Wisdom Gemstone Energy Creations assist you as a reminder of how & where you wish to focus your thoughts and energy.

Each creation is fashioned from natural gemstones and lead-free metals.  We purchased the gemstones in this year’s collection at the annual Quartzite, AZ Rock and Gem show.  When I saw all of the beautiful gems there, I was inspired to create necklaces with an energy signature.  Like you, each creation is unique and will not be duplicated!

Using intuition, each creation just seemed to manifest itself, both in pattern and energetic intention.  I wrote an affirmation for each necklace.  While creating each necklace, I meditated on the energy of each while shuffling the Voyager Tarot deck.  When the energy felt “in sync”, I pulled a card from the deck.  I was amazed (but not surprised) at the synchronicity!

How do the gemstones energetically assist you?

Besides the therapeutic color value of each stone, there is a physical basis for the energetic properties of the gemstones that we use.  The gemstones in our creations include varieties of quartz, which is composed of silica and oxygen (SiO2 = silica dioxide).  Quartz is the most abundant mineral in Creation.  Interestingly, the name “quartz” is derived from a German word meaning “ancient times.”  So, quartz connects us with the Ancient and Inner wisdom of cultures long past that had a great appreciation and reverence for our Mother Earth.  As quartz is the most common mineral on earth, it reminds us that this knowledge is available to all – we can resonate with this abundance if we choose to do so.

Quartz exhibits remarkable properties in receiving, sending, and storing electromagnetic energy.  Quartz plates “keep time” in modern watches. In the computing industry, all silicon semiconductors are made from quartz – just think of the information that seems to be instantaneously transferred inside your computer!  Before the transistor, quartz “crystals” controlled frequencies in all radios.

If you have a specific intention for attracting energy, a variety of quartz assists you in “tuning in” the desired frequency, or energetic vibration.  By evoking this vibration, eventually, though entrainment, you will resonate with the vibratory energy.

This entrainment occurs as your body also contains and uses silica.  Your brain, spinal chord, and nerve fibers all require large amounts of silica to efficiently communicate messages throughout the body.  Eating oats, green veggies, carrots, red berries, egg yolks, figs, and nuts replenishes your body’s requirements for silica.

When working with energy, sometimes it is best to set your intentions and then “let go and let God.”  When you place quartz gemstones in your energy field, i.e. on your physical body, you are attracting the desired vibration without having to consciously think about your intention.

How do I know what gemstones to use?

Each gemstone is associated with an energy center, or Chakra.  Some of the gemstones are balancing, or calming (yin) for that energy & some tend to be more energizing (yang).  There are overlaps on some of the gemstone/chakra associations.  As a basic guideline, using the “Law of Correspondence”, select a gemstone associated with an energy/thought that you intend to attract.

Most energetic therapies require a multi-faceted approach, which is why we create necklaces with an energetic signature in mind.  As well, certain gemstones, while beneficial, may be too overwhelming to wear by themselves.

Garnet is an example of this – red is very energizing and powerful – great for stimulating and grounding.  However, in concentrated dosages, it can overpower and “burn out” quickly.  Many of us like pepper in our food – it spices up a dish and adds variety to the meal.  Yet, we wouldn’t think of just eating pepper!  So it is with the red gemstones – generally the gemstone is more beneficial if combined and balanced with other gems and metals.

If your intention is to have a “no holds barred” energy jolt, then, by all means wear a solid garnet/ruby necklace!  Just pay attention to your energy with the awareness that this red gemstone can be over stimulating if worn above the heart level.  Garnet, when worn as a necklace, may cause you to develop a nervous or tense feeling. If so it is best to remove the necklace and place in a hip pocket or around your ankle.

Care and Feeding

Since these gemstones are children of light, an occasional sunbath by a sunny window is encouraged.  Gently rubbing the necklace with a soft, lint free cloth after wearing is a good idea!  (Plus, this assists in connecting with the energy of the gemstones!) Please do not use a rough or rouge cloth, or a jewelry cleaning cloth that has been chemically treated.

Chakra Wisdom Gemstone Corresponding Energies


Purchase a Unique Chakra Wisdom Gemstone Creation



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