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Sample Reports and Photos

Your Aura Photography and Chakra Imaging Session ~ Sample Reports and Photos

With each Aura Photography and Chakra Imaging Session, Dr. Carolyn provides you with a reference picture of your own unique Aura Photo and Chakra Image.  You have two options for this photo, printed on 8 /12" x 11" high quality photo paper:

Aura photo Chakra Image Graphs Option AOption A includes a 4" x 6" Aura Photo of  your smiling face, a representation of your chakras, and a snapshot of your aura/chakra and bio-data graphs.



Chakra Image Graphs Option BOption B illustrates the representation of your chakras and bio-data and aura/chakra graphs in a larger format.





We also offer an in depth, 22 page Aura Chakra report, which includes: Aura photo chakra image sample 22 page report

  • an aura photo of your smiling face
  • a full sized chakra image
  • detailed description of your bio-data and aura/chakra graphs
  • comprehensive report featuring your color psychology profile.




Wellness Fairs/Expo Brochure

We also have a special, one-fold  brochure report designed for wellness fairs and expos.  Your unique Aura and Chakra Image Aura/Chakra Expo brochure sampleis printed on an informative,two sided, brochure that provides a brief explanation of the meaning of each chakra and aura colors.


Aura Photo Event

Aura Photo Event photoYour Aura Photo printed on 4" x 6" glossy photo paper.  Brief description of basic Aura Color.


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