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Aura & Chakra Imaging - 7 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Blueprint

Learn a new paradigm for this ancient wisdom while discovering your energy field.  Find out what works to instantly shift your energy and watch the process via our Aura & Chakra Imaging system.  There will be lots of handouts and hands-on fun! Learn valuable and practical information that will enrich your life.

Course Objectives:

  1. Present a different paradigm for understanding your energy and how it works
  2. Learn to experience your inner wisdom
  3. Discover and learn about energy therapy modalities
  4. Experiment and learn what works best for you to shift your energy
  5. Balance your Chakras ~ heal your life
  6. Watch, using the Aura Chakra Imaging System, as you transform your aura and chakras using various modalities
  7. Know Thyself

Note:  This class is limited to 12 participants

Module 1 – First day course; 8 hours of instruction plus “beginning” aura chakra image

I.   Tradition of the Aura & Chakras

II.  What is an Aura?

III. Our Electromagnetic environment

IV. What is a Chakra?

V.   The Chakras – 7 Keys to unlock your energy Blueprint;  overview and correspondences

A.  Root Muladhara Chakra

B.  Sacral Svadhisthana Chakra

C.  Solar Plexus Manipura Chakra

D.  Heart Anahata Chakra

E.  Throat Visuddha Chakra

F.  Third Eye Ajna Chakra

G.  Crown Sahasrara Chakra

VI.  Preview of Day 2 & homework!

Module 2 – Second day course; 8 hours of instruction & “hands on” work with the Aura Chakra Imaging System

- Prerequisite:  Module 1 Aura and Chakra Imaging

I.      Review of Module 1 Aura and Chakras

II.     Overview of Methods to Balance the Chakras

A.     Why “balance” the Chakras?

B.     Why certain modalities “work” for some & not for others

C.     Preparation for experimentation on Aura and Chakra imaging system

III.     Hypnosis/Self-Hypnosis

IV.    Breathing Techniques

V.     Color Therapy

VI.    Sound Therapy

VII.    Crystals

VIII. Mudras

IX.   Overview of Energy Therapies

A.     Reiki

B.     Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

C.     Rapid Eye Therapy

D.     Reflexology

E.     Deep tissue massage

F.     Thai Yoga Massage

G.    Acupuncture

X.     Hand Reflexology

XI.    Aromatherapy Overview

XIII.  Water/Shower

XIV. Overview of physical activity-body movements

XV.  Affirmations in Motion (AIM)

XVI.  Practical application for this knowledge

XVII. Aura and Chakra Imaging

A.     Background of Aura and Chakra Imaging

B.     Playtime!

a.      Work with the aura and chakra imaging system

b.      Experiment with various modalities that we learned

c.      Find out what works the best to balance your chakras and aura


Investment ~ $244 for 16 hours of instruction

* Includes "before and after" Aura Chakra Image Photo - value $80

* Includes video of aura chakra imaging session - value $50


Please Contact us for current course dates or visit our Schedule page.

Aura and Chakra classes available in Olympia WA, Redondo Beach/South Bay area California, Vancouver, BC


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