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Is Massage Therapy an Energy Therapy? Does massage therapy improve your energy level?

At one of our recent appearances at a Body, Mind, Spirit fair, we offered to take “before” and “after” Aura Photos and Chakra Images for several energy workers, including one massage therapist.

One of the massage therapist’s clients, a Mr. J, was recovering from soft tissue trauma in his upper body due to a motorcycle accident.  In his late 50’s, Mr. J reported significant discomfort and pain during his “before” aura photo and chakra image session.

Here is Mr. J’s Chakra level bar graph for the “before” session, which we have permission to post:

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The Key to Unlocking Your Energy Blueprint of Self-Worth

“It shames the average man to be valued below his own estimate of his worth.”
Mark Twain - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

The root of many modern emotional problems arises from a less than magnificent opinion of yourself - Low Self-Esteem.  Low Self Esteem resides as a core issue for self-destructive habits that run the gamut from shyness, relationship issues, overeating, and drug abuse.

To overcome low self-esteem, you may work with various methods to bolster the estimate of your worth.  Affirmations and general positive self-talk all contribute to building a positive self­-image.  This work may or may not hold when you encounter a blunt comment or an incident that you perceive is 1) directed towards you and 2) values you below the estimate of your own worth.  Shame emerges, with its emotional baggage to lower your opinion of self down a few notches.

So, how do you arrest this tendency and armor yourself against these assaults that impugn your value?  You can affirm the brilliance your self worth in the privacy of your own domain. What can you do to lock this work, to “diamond coat” your self-esteem?

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Messages from Matthias

For many years, I have received messages from a spirit calling himself "Matthias."  I have learned that these messages are what many refer to as channelings. Matthias said that he walked with Jesus and has related details of this time in history.

Matthias prompted me to post certain of his messages to me on the internet ("alert a greater group"). I promised him that I would and am now honoring this pledge. This message addresses the 2012 question and Earth changes ahead.

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The Role that Forgiveness Plays in Health and Healing

" . . . and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us . . ." How many times have we, who have grown up in the Christian tradition, recited these words from the Lord's Prayer?

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Evidence that hypnosis and energy therapies assist in alleviating pain and discomfort.

Last March 2010, we brought our Aura and Chakra Imaging system to the International Hypnosis Federation Body, Mind, and Spirit Conference, where we did a number of Aura/Chakra images and interpretations.

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Tradition of the Aura and Chakras

For centuries, mystics and people with “second sight” have purportedly been able to see and describe an energy field around all living beings . . .

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Hypnosis: Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket

Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your PocketWhen studying for my DCH (Doctor Clinical Hypnotherapy) degree, I read over 50 different books on hypnosis and related topics.  Some I had to read to pass my course  - others I  found became treasured companions!  Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket by Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD,  has become one of  these treasured companions.  I am reviewing Dr. Shelley's updated  book, originally published in 1998.

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