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NW psychic Fair March 21 2015

Join us at NW Psychic Spirit and Alternative Health Fairs tomorrow. It's Lori's birthday!

Kirkland Venue:Aura at gig Harbor

Saturday March 21 2015             10 AM to 5 PM

Saturday April 18 2015               10 AM to 5 PM


Baymont Inn – Totem Lake

12223 NE 116th, Kirkland WA 98034

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Galactic Wisdom Conference March 6 2015

We are appearing March 6th and March 8th at the Galactic Wisdom Conference in Gig Harbor WA with our Aura Video Station.

Ted Mahr is hosting this non-profit UFO and psychic conference with some of the world’s most famous and interesting UFO and psychic people at the Inn at Gig Harbor in Gig Harbor, Washington from March 6th to 8th, 2015.  

Speakers at the conference will be: 

(1) famous Michiko Hayashi (Head, Emoto Peace Project) and world famous Dr. Yasu Nemoto (Chief Scientist, Emoto Peace Project) who are flying in from Tokyo, Japan; they will be giving a special workshop on the work of the late Dr. Masuro Emoto; Dr. Emoto was one of the world’s most famous and most spiritual doctors, until he met an untimely death last October;  He is the author of the New York Times’ best selling book, Messages from Water;


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2015 Spring/Summer Classes in South Puget Sound Washington Area

Our Spring/Summer Class schedule is here!  If you are in the Seattle or South Puget Sound Washington area, here is you opportunity to discover and to experience your Aura and Chakras!

Learn more about your energy system and what "works" for you in our Introduction to the Aura and Chakras:  7 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Blueprint.

Do you see auras and are curious about what you do see? Do you want to learn how to "see" the energy field that surrounds each one of us? Then come to our How to See Auras - One day experientail class.

All classes are on Saturdays, 10 AM to 6 PM.

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February and March 2015 Schedule

If you are in the Seattle Washington area February 14th or 21st, stop by the NW Psychic & Alternative Health Fairs and experience an Aura and Chakra imaging session.

We will be at the Mill Creat Triway Grange Hall (Near Bothell, WA) February 14th and the Baymont Inn in Kirkland February 21st.

On March 8th, we will be at   

Kent Psychic Fair

1st Saturday Each Month

10:00 am - 5 pm

Comfort Inn

22311 84th Ave. S 
Kent, WA 98032

Spring/Summer classes

Watch for upcoming classes held in the Olympia, Washington area.

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Creating Positive Energy through Kindness and Joy

Princess Diana and Random Acts of KindnessYou live in a sea of energy—the Universal Energy Field (UEF).  Quantum physics refers to this field of possibilities as the “Quantum Soup.” Ancients called this life-force energy “chi” or “qi.” Western mystics talked about Cosmic Consciousness, Infinite Spirit and “The All.”  Contemporary philosophers discuss the “Divine Matrix of Creation.”

No matter what you call it, energy is energy and it is the “stuff” of the Universe. Energy is neither good nor bad—it just “is.” Energy only realizes its potential when in motion.

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Your Soaring Phoenix: Profound Tools for Spiritual Ascension With 26 Spiritual Teachers

 I am honored to be one of the 26 featured author's in Your Soaring Phoenix: Profound Tools for Spiritual Ascension With 26 Spiritual Teachers. I wrote a chapter on Chakra Energy Healing.

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Reviews for Think It->Say It->Be It

Check out my books on Goodreads:

I just created my autor's page on Goodreads. Look for an annoucement on Goodreads for a book giveaway!

Thank you to those who sent me their reviews and comments. Here are two I received:
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Interview with Dr. Carol Francis April 21 2014

Listen to my interview, which begins at about the halfway point in the audio, with Dr. Carol Francis. We talk about my book Think It->Say It->Be It: Use Your Words to Change Your Life.

I share some fun energy playercises from the book. Enjoy!

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Happy New Year!

Think It Say It Be It ChakracoachMany of you at this time of year resolve to make changes in your life. How many resolutions from a year ago did you manifest into your life today? Are your affirmations taking you in a direction where you want to go? When you work with energy, are you achieving your desired results?

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Check In With Your Chakras

I receive questions from my website readers about the human energy system - the Chakras. This week, I found the following message in my inbox:

Check in with your chakras

"Hi there, I’d like to know if you do hypnosis to help the solar plexus as i have many problems in that area; affecting my stomach and having a 2 year chronic headache - please let me know if you can help."

How many of you have felt that a specific energy, i.e. one Chakra, was responsible for what ails you?

I responded with the following suggestions and offered the "Check In with Your Chakras" exercise.

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Interview with Belinda Farrell - "Find Your Friggin' Joy"

Dr. Carolyn talks with Belinda Farrell, Reconnective Healing practitioner and Huna consultant, about her new book, "Find Your Friggin' Joy." This amazing book serves as a how-to "discover missing links from ancient Hawaiian Teachings to Clean the Plaque of your Soul and Reach Your Higher Self."

Belinda relates how she has applied this wisdom to her own life using this energy "medicine" to heal broken bones, to overcome herniated discs causing spinal nerve damage, and to correct congenital spinal scoliosis.

At the end of the interview, Belinda shares the short, soul stirring Hawaiian I'O chant, which is a "cosmic eraser" for what "ails you" as you will experience.

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The Power of Energetic Visualization: “Dissolving” My Kidney Stone

Gerry shares his direct experience with kidney stones, a physical condition that can be very painful. There is no such thing as a sudden onset of a kidney stone - the stone is the result of an imbalance in food consumed over a period of time.

Once Gerry became aware of this stone, he examined his food choices and changed what he consumed. The next step was to dissolve this stone using the power of energetic visualization.

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EFT- Clarity of Purpose

(The story of UM-“Unconscious Mind”)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), developed by Gary Craig, is truly a gift to the world. Also referred to as tapping, it a self-help method of activating the body’s energy meridians to ease pain of all types, physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual. There are many sites on the Internet from which you can receive instructions and techniques.

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EFT – Try it on anything!

Gerry, an avid EFT prectitioner, reminds us in his article to try EFT on anything!

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as the tapping technique, has been thought of as a method that allows one to adjust the intensity of an emotion usually associated with an event. Gary Craig, the founder of EFT often says ‘try it on anything.’ I have used EFT for many situations including emotional problems, removal of pain from extremities and even easing potentially tense situations such as crucial business meetings and public speaking/ performance engagements.

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Overcoming Muscular Dystrophy Interview with Dr Nancie Barwick

Interview with Dr. Nancie Barwick, who overcame Muscular Dystrophy using the Conklin Method of Energy Therapy. The Conklin Method combines hypnosis, NLP, and energy work. Dr Nancie and Dr. Carolyn talked in the vendor's room at the International Hypnosis Federation conference at San Pedro, CA, March 2013.

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Video: Is Hypnosis an Energy Therapy? Does Hypnosis alleviate pain?

In our previous article "Is Hypnosis and Energy Therapy? Does Hypnosis Alleviate Pain?" we showed the effect of hypnosis and energy therapy with before and after aura and chakra images.  Expanding on this demonstration, we created a 13 minute video.

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Aura & Chakra Imaging Featured at the IHF Conference 2011-2012

We've just finished another amazing long weekend at the Internation Hypnosis Federation (IHF) It's All About You Re-Treat in San Pedro, CA.  The Aura and Chakra Imaging was, once again, very well received!  Here is a video from last year's (2011) IHF Conference that provides a glimpse of us at the conference:

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Clearing your Chakras vs. balancing your Chakras

"Clearing your Chakras vs. balancing your Chakras – are they the same?  If not, what is the difference?"

The title of this article is a response to a question I recently received from a reader.  It is an excellent one, especially since these two terms – clearing and balancing – are mentioned in regard to maintaining the health and efficiency of our Chakras.

In order to best understand this question, let us first understand the nature of the Chakras.

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While writing about chakras and breathing exercises, a poem just happened at sunset.  Enjoy!

Sunset by Carolyn White copyright 2011





Sunset -

Looking out on the Window of Life,

Sun refracting through a prism -

Rays of Rainbow light,

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“I Dream Great Dreams and Manifest Them as Creations of Myself.”

Chakra Wisdom Solar Plexus/Throat/3rd Eye ChakrasWhen first assembling the gemstones for a Chakra Wisdom necklace, I randomly pick a Voyager Tarot card. (I like to call the Voyager deck my "inner-tuition" guide!) This helps me focus on and tune into the energy signature for the correspondences between the gemstones and the Chakras.

With the Fluorite and Turquoise Magnesite gemstones in front of me, I pulled the 10 of Crystals, which is titled “Delusion.”  Delusion?  Was I being delusional here?

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